We provide translation service for games looking for global markets as well as publishers localizing games for their respective countries.

We also offer LQA (Localization Quality Assurance) for completed localization, and community management service for local gamers.

Globalization of games require great local linguistic skills and cultural awareness as well as in-depth experience and knowledge in gaming.



bobGate provides Software translation services such as UI (User Interface), message, product guidebook, manual.

The service covers an area ranging from development plan documents to end-user products.


Online and offline marketing documents require linguistic finesse as well as flexible localization skills.

We provide localization service through our in-house translation experts with abundant project experience with social media, mobile app marketing and campaign.

Technical Writing
& Legal

Not only we offer services for games, but we also offer product manuals and a variety of technical writing services.

Translation service for legal documents such as legal notices, privacy policy, terms of service is provided as well.