Service / Game Localization

We provide translation services to both Korean publishers looking to enter the global market and foreign publishers planning to enter the Korean market. We also offer LQA (Localization Quality Assurance) for completed localization and community management service that primarily involves local gamers.

Globalization of games require great local linguistic skills and cultural awareness as well as in-depth experience and knowledge in gaming.

bobGate has a vast resource pool of linguistic experts, over 10 languages including Asian languages (English, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian) to European languages (French, Spanish and etc.).

This allows minimization of the lead time for our clients to enter the global market.

We participated in multi-language translation for game projects such as Lineage II, Battle of Arrow: Survival PvP, RemiLore, The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, with 4 years being the average project duration, covering entire planning process.

BobGate Localization Process

Localization Service Language